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TabooFirst Time

I had appeared for CET and its result were to be declared next morning. I couldn't sleep due to anxiety. I stepped in to balcony for fresh air. I was surprised to see my Mom in the balcony of her bed room. She was in just a full sleeve transparent shirt with top two buttons open. She wasn't wearing any bra underneath her shirt. I could see her left breast almost naked. She was wearing flower-printed panty. I could see her beautiful naked legs in the building's compound lights. She was smoking a cigarette. Oh my God! How sexy she is! Mom didn't notice me. She exhaled a cloud of smoke and move… Read more

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My first couple

First TimeGroup SexHardcore

My First Couple i posted to c-list seeking some fun little did I expect what I was in store for. I got a real reply by a man claiming his and his wife saw me online and were interested. He spoke about how she seeks big cock and begs for bigger dick to him. She's petite with huge he said with a revealing picture of her. Wow was she stunning. A tight body blonde petite with monster tits. He told me I was just what I needed. I was a little in doubt and asked their expectations of the encounter. He made real clear he had no interest in participating but he was interested in hearing her and watchi… Read more

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It's SW for Snow White? - Halloween

Group SexInterracial SexCelebrity

Halloween it's near, the air its pretty boring, lockdown has fucked us and take much of the fun and on the living dead's day, it's a good time to be creative and let the imagination run free, so.. I'm a big fan of apples, the fruit, the sin, the temptation all in one. My wife favorite number is 7 and it seems to have a pattern on her life and at some point I was wondering about which costume will suit her for halloween and there are plenty options there, first to be considered were: Little Red Riding Hood, playboy Bunny kind of Alice in wonderland and there was a third one: sexy assistant, ki… Read more

Posted by Parafernalia1979 7 hours ago 313

Huge cock takes her "virgin pussy"

Interracial SexHardcoreAnal

So this time I’m not sharing a story about one of my (many) experiences with BIG BLACK COCK; instead, I’m sharing a VERY hot story from a young man whom I finally had lunch with. Since I know why you are reading this, I’ll spare you all the details leading up to the lunch. I recorded the whole thing (with his permission of course), so I’ll be able to quote him where I need to, but this won’t be a transcript or anything… Scott (we’ll call him that) is a very slight young man, and shy and quiet to the point of being introverted. He majored in political science, or “polysci” as he calls it, and… Read more

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It's SW for Snow White? - Halloween

FetishGroup SexInterracial Sex

Halloween it's near, the air its pretty boring, lockdown has fucked us and take much of the fun and on the living dead's day, it's a good time to be creative and let the imagination run free, so.. I'm a big fan of apples, the fruit, the sin, the temptation all in one. My wife favorite number is 7 and it seems to have a pattern on her life and at some point I was wondering about which costume will suit her for halloween and there are plenty options there, first to be considered were: Little Red Riding Hood, playboy Bunny kind of Alice in wonderland and there was a third one: sexy assistant, ki… Read more

Posted by Parafernalia1979 8 hours ago 3 225

Uncle asked me to donate sperm to his wife

First TimeTabooMature

Uncle asked me to donate sperm to his wife One Friday, my uncle Anil called me and asked me to come to his home. Anil uncle is my father’s younger brother and he was married to Nalini about 7 years back and still they were yet to have a c***d. I went to their place around 6pm and Anil uncle was very quiet and looked disturbed, which was not his usual way. Nalini aunty was also looking gloomy and she was wearing a white saree and matching blouse and was looking very sexy like bollywood actress Sridevi. She was very beautiful, sexy and gorgeous, her skin was soft smooth and fair, the saree pall… Read more

Posted by pachesh007 8 hours ago 2 1,850 100%

The backseat, real story


About a few years or so ago. If I had dealings with a nice slutty woman, I had known her for five years at that time, we are both married so it was extra exciting, I experienced a lot with her. Among other things this i write down for you. I had lots of appointments with her at my house or in a forest in the car, this time i would meet her close to my house and she would sit in the back of her car in the middle without a slip, I did make a dildo on a extendable stick, and as a nice surprise I had sunglasses wich i sealed on the inside with duct tape. So that she was not conspicuously blindfol… Read more

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Fun vacation for me and wife

Gay MaleFetishAnal

We decided to go on a little trip again but this time decided on a different destination. We got packed like always and got dressed by putting on our sexy stuff under our regular cloths just in case we found some good places on the way to take some pictures. We took off and drove to our new destination and found a couple places to take some fun pictures on the way but nothing that we could strip completely and get the real sexy pictures but some of toes and stuff. We checked into the hotel and went up to our room and then checked around the place. It was a new casino so we had a lot to look at… Read more

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My first Master

FetishFirst TimeTaboo

Divorce was fun I had time to do all kinds of fun stuff but the best part was I had time to have sex. Sex with men sex with women and sex with anything I wanted. I got divorced and the first one I hooked up with was a girl from work. Pam was a fun girl always had a lot of fun talking to her and when she found out I was getting divorced she came over to me one day and asked me if I was interested in going out. I said sure what do you have in mind and she said well I have always wanted to sit on your face and hard cock. I looked at her a little surprised. She smiled at me and moved close and gra… Read more

Posted by crossdresser55 9 hours ago 573 67%

Beautiful, Pretty Wife Needs More Cock Soon!

Group SexVoyeurFetish

We have been patiently waiting for this awful Virus to clear up so we can recommence our sexual fun as the beautiful "E" wants to be ravished again by a group of men. In the meantime, she has been teasing me while sucking me off by telling me how she loves to see the look of lust in men's eyes and rock hard cocks as they take her! Of all the true stories I wrote previously about our sexual games when I had the old account on here "mentohaveher" she said the most she enjoyed herself and came the most from was this one below because of how wild these rugby guys "dominated" her and made her fee… Read more

Posted by Bibi250 10 hours ago 673 100%

The new neighbours


I noticed that new neighbours had moved in next door, 2 guys. Thought I would wait a few days before I knocked to say hello but a couple of days later, as I was putting the rubbish out, one of them came out. "Morning" I said. "I'm Jan. Hope you have settled in". "Hello Jan. I'm Greg and my housemate is Joe. Don't know the area well as we are from up north" he said. "Well if there is anything you want to know just knock on my door and ask" I replied. "Great. Thanks. We will". We both went back indoors. A few days later Joe introduced himself. A week or so later Greg knocked on my door. "Sorry… Read more

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First TimeGay MaleHardcore

BLAKE'S ADVENTURES Chapter 14 Blake was waiting on Dan finish a phone call so he decided to check the balance in his savings account. "Wow!" he said when he saw the figure on his computer screen. "Something wrong?" Dan asked as he put his phone down and walked towards the teen. "No, it was just the surprise at seeing how much my savings have grown," replied Blake. "Do you mind if I look?" Dan asked. Blake said that he didn't and turned his screen slightly so that Dan could see better. "That's quite a substantial amount. I guess you're not spending much of your salary," said Dan. "I don… Read more

Posted by ab8715 10 hours ago 121

Milly’s Cousin Janie


Milly couldn’t disagree with my choices however with her wearing a baggy nightshirt I was going purely by memory which had already given me a boner which was again clearly visible pushing up the front of my shorts, “Maybe you would like a closer look Frank?” she suggested as the juice was taking a firm hold on her inhibitions as she finished off her drink. “Mmm Milly, I think that would be a great idea” I replied with a twinkle in my eye and suggested she stand up in front of me for her inspection, she giggled as she got up and stepped over towards me. I have to say having Milly standing so c… Read more

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TabooGay MaleHardcore

BLAKE'S ADVENTURES Chapter 13 Dan was busy with another call so it was Blake who received the message from the tailor that his bondage gear was ready for collection. "Thank you, sir. I will inform my master," he said to James, automatically falling into his slave role when speaking to him. As soon as Dan was free, he told him the news and asked, "Shall we pick it up later today?" Dan smiled. "Eager to begin playing bondage games?" Blake blushed slightly. "Yes, I enjoy learning new things with you." "Okay. We haven't got much on this afternoon so we'll finish early and go into town," sai… Read more

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Her Revenge

First TimeGay MaleMature

Her Revenge There I was basking in the after glow of the most thrilling, unexpected and maybe most embarrassing sexual encounter of my life my mind was oatmeal after this encounter nothing made sense at all yet it felt fantastic and thrilling. 2 weeks ago I was Jason all state quarterback extremely fit and good looking the most sought aftet guy of any girl in high school. However i just so happened to be going steady with Tiffany a beautiful girl not a cheerleader but actually extremely smart and i really wanted to have a future with her k**s white fence big house everything shes perfect. Af… Read more

Posted by CurtisRupp87 11 hours ago 698 67%

A Housewife's Fantasy: Rosemary

MatureInterracial SexAnal

Background: Rosemary is a married Dominican mother. She has a body many men lust over, but she has remained mostly innocent her whole life. She never even fucked anyone except for her husband. Rosemary learns about herself when she meets a new neighbor, Michael. Thanks to Michael, Rosemary has uncovered true freedom she's been missing her whole life. I’ve never been one to socialize with neighbors, but Michael was different. I work from home while my k**s are at school and my husband works until late. So, I’ve had a lot more alone time. That loneliness made me vulnerable. Not sure if Michael… Read more

Posted by lover19198 12 hours ago 888 67%

Aunty tho hardcore enjoy


Hello guys, This is Romeo from Palvancha. I am back with another story. Inka story lo ke velthey my name is Romeo. modda above 6 inches. aunty name Jhansi. name changed. Thana age 35 vuntai. Short ga slim ga vuntadhe. Konchem white ga aunty sizes 34-32-36. Super ga vuntai. Sizes aunty chusthey na modda full ga legichedhe. Aunty ma back street lo vuntadhe. Aunty ke line vesey vadine aunty gamaninchey la smile eche vadine. Aunty kuda chinna smile echedhe. Aunty ne na chupulatho kamam tho chuse vadine. Aunty nighty lu akkuva vesukunedhe. Aunty vanginapudu cleavage kanapadtam sollu kanapadtam… Read more

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Sandy's cousin 2...

AnalHardcoreGroup Sex

So we were still at this reunion/party and I was just meeting all of these people for the first time. Sandy was off with a couple of her cousins and Billy was introducing me to some other people. Sandy would make eye contact with me and when no one was looking shed rub her nipples, or pretend to be fingering herself, and other suggestive things. I was still wondering if she figured out why we had been gone so long earlier. I met Sandy's aunt and uncle ,Billy's mom, Janet, and his step dad Paul, and lots of other people. Janet and Paul were talking to me and Billy had mentioned to them that the… Read more

Posted by Jhnj55 12 hours ago 1 597 100%

Very Good Show

MasturbationHardcoreGay Male

Very Good Show By: Londebaaz Chohan It would not be a true statement that Dexter was not planning for what happened but there was a big ‘IF’, if he was planning it exactly like it happened. He had caught Cody looking at him and Dexter also thought, Cody was cute. Cody was the friend of Dexter’s younger brother Jeter and so off-limits, because of the unwritten code. Since Dexter had gone away to college, he had not met many friends of Jeter. Next year, he knew, he had to look for a place out of the dorm, which meant spending couple of months at home, finding a job and saving some doug… Read more

Posted by londebaaz 13 hours ago 239 100%

Mentoring College Bound Boys

Gay MaleHardcore

Mentoring College Bound Boys By: Londebaaz Chohan A college bound guy, could not be called a boy but for the non-availability of a better word, Vernon was a Paper boy. A high school junior and very hopeful to attend the nearby community college, Vernon lived couple houses away from Lexington. Lexington was almost 34, unmarried, bisexual male, leading a very active and exciting sex life, having a lot of fun doing all lovely things. He had not only coached Vernon in the little league baseball team but also had taught him to play violin after school. He knew everyone in Vernon’s family very… Read more

Posted by londebaaz 13 hours ago 462 83%
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