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Dear Sister Amanda

TabooFirst TimeHardcore

Dear Sister Amanda By: Londebaaz Chohan Aaah! The fucking little pleasures of simple siblings activities converting into stories. A very normal Saturday almost noon time, Curtis had started to watch a ball-game, lying on the floor of the family room, while Amanda his 2 years elder sister sat on the sofa behind him. Parents had divorced couple of years ago and mother was away for her business trip, not expected to return before coming Wednesday evening. Curtis was a student at the Lehigh High School. He was young, handsome and healthy, not to mention about his being overly horny and… Read more

Posted by londebaaz 2 hours ago 2 758 100%

my shopping fantasy


I had to go shopping for a big shop so I called ahead for a taxi I was told all I had to do was call when ready and a cab would be sent so after I finish shopping I called and said I was ready and they said wait a few moments and driver Abbie would be there to pick me up after about 5 mines she arrived and she got out and helped load the boot of her car I noted she was wearing a very short skirt and a beautiful fight top showing her beautiful huge tats and cleavage I reached Into the trolley for the last bag and as I turned around I accidently touched her beautiful arse she let out a little no… Read more

Posted by Always2009 3 hours ago 497 100%

Lisa's semi-prostitution life

First TimeMasturbationVoyeur

Im about to write the story that i know from Lisa the youngest daughter of my ex now wife(Susanna).Lisa isn't my daughter as its from her previous husband of Susanna. nationality is Austrian.She is now 30 something and married to another Austrian boy a bit older than her and already pregnant to her first c***d So the life as a semi prostitute happen when she was study at the University in Vienna-Austria.Ended when she finished it.But started her cuck style a bit afterwards that still continues to this day like the rest of th… Read more

Posted by josuts 3 hours ago 609



Two Moms, Two Laps, Two Hours "Harold, this is crazy! We're never going to fit all that in the car." I had to agree with Mom on this one. We were shutting down the summer cabin early, and as usual, it meant bringing home lots of gear that had migrated there during our multiple 'mini-vacations'. Unfortunately, Dad's workload had exploded with a new contract, and it was unlikely we'd get back out to the house again that summer. This season we'd accumulated more than ever. The coolers with all the game meat were the main culprits. We'd planned on the wild pig hunt earlier in the summer, but ha… Read more

Posted by madjack1 3 hours ago 624 67%

Black Seamed Nylons at the Cinema


Black Seamed stockings The two of us had not been out together for more than a year, so when the opportunity arose for a chance to get out for our wedding anniversary, we suddenly found ourselves pondering on the best way to spend such a rare occasion. Since it had been so long, we both felt it best to give the pubs and clubs a miss - so deliberated and finally opted to go and see a film - something we used to do quite often before getting married. It would be nice to cuddle together, perhaps even in the back row with an added fumble and feel if the film didn't manage to catch ou… Read more

Posted by Canonseam 4 hours ago 411 75%

Meeting Stanley

AnalGay MaleShemale Porn

This story like others i have written come from my vast experiences. Truth be told i could fill volumes with all my erotic adventures. I had just recently moved into an apartment complex this complex was made up of eight one bedroom apartments. The neighbor across the hall had a name plate on his door reading Stan Lee wow i thought could this be Stan Lee creator of Marvel comics it most likely wasn't. About a week had gone by and i was almost done with my unpacking and had settled into my routine of spending a lot of time at work and very little else. I had just gotten home from work a gr… Read more

Posted by petrice 4 hours ago 326 100%

that cant happen....

Interracial SexGay MaleShemale Porn

I was in Brazil having the time of my life , my gf with me for the last week going from places to places with our pack sack, nothing but the 2 of us the Salvador lodge near the beach on a island was gorgeous on the picture i booked the next days will be so relaxing , walking on the beach together before sleeping , listening to the sound of the waves We were off soon in the morning to another nice trip ,looking foward to our remote island, my sexy gf blond hair floating in the air i got carried away looking at cute summer look, as we took a boat to some island ''frades'' we arrived and wer… Read more

Posted by kylefuckyou 4 hours ago 530 100%


Gay MaleHumorFirst Time

Just testing Test: how gay are you? Any bi, gay and curious XHamster can copy / paste this test into their profile by answering the questions: Step 1 ======= 1. Do you like pornography involving transsexuals? No 2. When you watch straight porn, do you prefer videos of masturbation, fellatio or penetration? Penetration. 3. Have you ever wondered what taste sperm has? Yes. 4. When you look at porn, have you ever caught yourself staring at a guy's cock despite the presence of an exciting girl? Yes. 5. Are you disappointed when you watch a porn video and there is no ejaculation at the end? Y… Read more

Posted by DJayBlagden 5 hours ago 243

Marina Makes My 'SM'- Student-room also

BDSMFirst TimeLesbian Sex


Posted by Poet-PETER 5 hours ago 2,606 33%

My Mates flatmate is a Slut


Steve had got divorced and needed a flat mate to pay the mortgage. After interviewing several candidates he had decided to have a older woman 39 have the master bedroom with ensuite as she had offered to pay $300 a week. She dressed in feminine 50s style dresses and lingerie that accentuate her curvaceous figure. I invited myself around on a Sunday morning to pick up some bike parts and check out the new flatmate. I tapped my knuckles on the front door and walked on in heading to the kitchen where Steve was usually found cooking a Sunday roast. Not today. I turned around and headed out th… Read more

Posted by hornybiker99 5 hours ago 1 1,100 100%

Dave – Life Goes On


Life goes on and I was actually enjoying having my guest’s staying as it is providing much needed regular relief and I am all for family looking after family so it was a good arrangement, rents got to be paid somehow <giggle>. I put on a clean pair of silky boxers that were so cool and refreshing in this heat and if I am honest I love the feel of them however in company they can be a bit revealing as the sides are cut back and they are short so even when soft my cock struggles to be contained but I figured the way things have progressed I doubt I would have any complaints. I went downst… Read more

Posted by britguy 6 hours ago 2 766 100%

Msnovember Explains The "Step Dad Teaching Me

FetishTabooFirst Time

Msnovember Explains The "Step Dad Teaching Me Sex" Epic Prequel Trilogy, On Sheisnovember.com A sexual journey that was three years in the making, filmed in four different cities, and loosely based on real life experiences. Sheisnovember.com presents"Step Dad Teaching Me Sex" prequel series starring Msnovember and Producer JDG Pornart. Finally reaches its surprising and epic conclusion. Detailing the events of how neglected Step Daughter and flawed Step Dad began their risky, secrete, relationship that almost destroyed them both; As well as, Everyone around them. Creating the events that woul… Read more

Posted by sheisnovember 6 hours ago 1 321 100%

The neighbor's granddaughter


Ahhhh, the sweetness of a girl, barely of age. My neighbor's granddaughter had been staying with her grandmother for several months. She had gotten into a bit of trouble back home, and placed next door for a few months. He would visit. We would talk about anything that struck her interests. One afternoon, she came to visit. Unannounced and unexpected, I might add. I had just finished jerking off. Cock still hard, covered in lube and jizz. I stepped out my backdoor for a moment...and there she was!!! Of course, she got a full view! Little did she know, I had been expecting something like this… Read more

Posted by Tugginman 6 hours ago 1 2,253 100%

Origins: Fucked into Femininity

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

I’ll keep updating my diary of the years I worked as a “faithful consultant” for Cyrus and his firm, doing all manner of deeply perverted things for his select group of occasionally sadistic clients. I should also tell you how I got this way. I left college and pursued a professional degree in international finance. I was, and am, pretty clever, so making money was never a real concern, but I realized right away I wasn’t ‘marrying material’. I was way too horny, all the time, and unable to commit to a stable, long-term relationship. And that was fine. After school I worked for several years… Read more

Posted by BiBottomBoi4BBC 7 hours ago 1 585 100%

NYE in NYC part 2

Lesbian SexAnalGroup Sex

Wrapping up this story. We spent the next day (the 30th) exploring the city and hit up a jazz club. That night back at her place she asked me if I wanted more and I said that I did. We made out a little then went to her bedroom. She asked me if I was ready for something more intense so I said, "yes please, give it to me". She laughed and we undressed she had me fasten her harness and looked down at me as she pushed the dildo into my mouth. She was definitely more controlling this time and I sucked her strap on on my knees. Next she bent me over the bed and fingered me before penetrating me.… Read more

Posted by kentuckyfreaky 7 hours ago 174

Neighbour Returns the very next day


So The neighbour knocked on my door the very next day asking about how I could speed up her PC for her, as previously I said I could make it feel much faster as she has a hard drive and I could install an SSD for her. I told her depending what she has on her PC like videos/pics/music it would be between £20 and £80 but anything I was telling her technically went right over her head. I couldn’t remember the size of her hard drive so I suggested we go back to hers and I took my portable tree-size on USB. I had barely shut my front door and she said to me Steve you have a really big cock and wide… Read more

Posted by stevvie 7 hours ago 1,227 100%

Becoming a gay Fiancée

Gay Male

After David and his friends left, I was just standing there in the front room feeling a little dazed by what just happened. Naked wearing just a pair of high heels and the front door still wide open. My ass still warm from David's parting swats, and my butt hole still very warm, a bit numb and still oozing cum and lube. Overwhelming thoughts of just moments ago, I had three men dump their sperm loads deep inside me! Three cocks up my ass dumping their cum within a few minutes! My dick was starting to get stiff again thinking about it. I had never before felt so sexually aroused! And so ashamed… Read more

Posted by Htbird 8 hours ago 575 67%

Astrid Showed Me How To Masturbate

First TimeLesbian SexMasturbation

Astrid slipped her flowery, stretchy pants down her legs and tried vainly to kick them off over her unmatched socks. She giggled a little as she lost her balance, pulling at them and flopping down on the side table by the desk in her room, the faded light green cotton of her panties the only thing between my curious eyes and her vagina. She rubbed herself through them for a minute looking down at her body. I shifted awkwardly on the floor, feeling a warm swelling between my legs. "I like to start like this," she said. As she… Read more

Posted by girlgirlexperiment 8 hours ago 4 712 100%

House Guest Part One


So this happened to me last year before all this Covid lock downs. My girlfriend has a group of friends who she is always out with for meals etc, its not bad as I get to tag along with the other male partners and yes I do check out the other girls in the group. One in particular Louise came to stay with us for two months after her tenancy ended in a place she was renting, her new house wasn't ready yet so we offered her our spare room and garage to store things. Things were ok to start with I work varied shifts so the first two weeks I was up and out of the house before the girls woke up. My… Read more

Posted by Postieuk 8 hours ago 1,427 100%

My Kinky New Girlfriend

First TimeFetishGroup Sex

The first time I saw my kinky girlfriend she was getting fucked by a group of guys that had hired her to strip at a bachelors party for a friend of mine. After the party she needed a ride home and since it was on my way I drove her home. When she got in the car I could smell all the cum she had on her. She had fucked and sucked at least 14 guys that night and I know I fucked her twice. Her pussy was so full of cum it was leaking down her thighs. I ask her what her name was and she said Candy. When we got to her house she invited me in and fixed me a drink. She was sitting in a chair across fr… Read more

Posted by 425olds 9 hours ago 1,442 75%
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